Beach with
Zero Contact

Taking into account the measures of the Government that decided that the beaches will have a maximum capacity, in order to try to mitigate the spread of the new coronavirus, the “Zero Contact” queue management system for the beaches allows the management and control of people, at the entrance and exit, through one or more contactless systems, thus avoiding the need for physical contact. There are several ways to take a ticket with “Zero Contact”, such as: SCAN, QRCODE, SMS, Voice or Sensor .

Zero Contact - Beaches

Beach entrance

At the beach entrance, there will be a ticket dispenser kiosk with proximity and LED displays. This way it will be possible to take the ticket with zero contact and control the entry of people on the beach so that the maximum allowed limit is not exceeded.

Zero Contact - Beach entrance

Beach exit

When leaving the beach, people pass the barcode on their ticket on the kiosk reader to register the checkout.

Zero Contact - Beach exit

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