Directories & Buying
with QR Code

Through the QR CODE Zero Contact system, it allows your store to promote products through displays and / or digital billboards, giving customers the possibility to directly purchase the product promoted through the QR Code.

The featured products will be dynamic, as well as the QR Code to purchase the same.

ZeroContact - Shopping with QRCode

QR Code: Buying in store

Through the product’s QR Code, your store’s customers can make purchases by mobile phone.

In the case of physical products, you will need to provide the QR Code with it so that the customer can buy on your mobile phone.

ZeroContact - Shopping with QRCode

QR Code: Buying in a car

Without needing to get out of the car, your customers will be able to buy any product through the QR Code that is available outside your store.

ZeroContact - Shopping with QRCode

QR Code: At Digital Billboard

Allow your customers to buy your products in a more practical and safe way!

The QR-Code Zero Contact system allows you to provide a QR-Code per product, so that your customers can buy through their mobile phone on site.

The solution for you is Zero Contact.

Provide a secure and hygienic queue management solution to your customers.
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