Digital Menu

If you have a restaurant or a catering business, this is the best solution for today’s times due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Use the QR-Code menu in your business for a more practical and hygienic use for your customers!

ZeroContact - Digital Menu by QRCode

QR-Code digital menu

The customer accesses a digital menu through a QR-Code without the need to install any application, using only the personal smartphone.

The digital menu can be composed of several categories, such as meat or fish dishes, drinks, desserts, among others, to facilitate the customer’s experience of use. Each category can be presented by images or text.

The entire menu can be customized to the image of your restaurant. You can configure several menus, for each time of the day (lunch and dinner, for example) or for each day of the week.

You can also schedule and highlight a category such as daily dishes for example.

ZeroContact - Digital Menu by QRCode

How does it work for the customer?
It's easy, you only have to follow three steps!


Scan QR-Code

Scan the QR-Code
with the smartphone
ZeroContact - Digital Menu by QRCode 3


See menu

View the restaurant menu
and choose what to order
ZeroContact - Digital Menu by QRCode 2


Place order

Place the final order
and wait for delivery

Easy and practical for the customer and establishment

To use the QR-Code Digital Menu just put your establishment’s menu online and make the QRCode available to your customers!

This solution allows the menu to be always available to customers, improving their experience in their restaurant, making changes to the menu quickly and easily and reducing their ecological footprint, reducing the use of paper.

ZeroContact - Digital Menu by QRCode

Download the
white paper here!

Take advantage of the digital!

The high flexibility and autonomy that the use of the digital menu through QR-Code provides its customers with a safer experience when visiting your establishment!
By reading a QR-Code in your establishment, customers have access to your restaurant’s menu on their own smartphone quickly and conveniently.
ZeroContact - Digital Menu by QRCode

No App needed

To use this system, you do not need any special hardware.

ZeroContact - Digital Menu by QRCode

Zero contact

Follow the directions of the DGS and WHO and make your customers’ experience safer and more practical.

ZeroContact - Digital Menu by QRCode


In addition to the table, you can place the QR-Code on social networks so that customers always have access to your offers.

ZeroContact - Digital Menu by QRCode


The digital menu can be customized according to your brand.

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