Remote Control
by smartphone

Without the need to interact with the display, through the remote control you can have access to all the fundamental options to interact with the software, on a computer, kiosk or digital billboard, thus avoiding direct contact.

ZeroContact - Remote Control

Zero contact

Use your Smartphone’s camera and scan the QR-Code shown on the kiosk or digital billboard. After opening the remote control access page, enter the code to confirm this access.

Then, you will have access to the Remote Control without the need to install any app, where you can use the touchpad or keyboard to control the software.

ZeroContact - Remote Control

Acess via QR-Code

Use your Smartphone’s camera and scan the QR-Code shown on the kiosk or digital billboard.

This QR-Code will give you access to all the kiosk features on your smartphone, without the need for contact.

ZeroContact - Remote Control

Insert the
security code

After scanning the QR-Code shown on the kiosk or digital billboard, as a form of security, you will have to enter the security code.

To ensure the safe use of the Remote Control, this code is updated every 5 minutes.

ZeroContact - Remote Control

Remote Control features

ZeroContact - Remote Control touchpad


Use your finger on the touchpad
to navigate

ZeroContact - Remote Control keyboard


Virtual keyboard
to interact with text fields

ZeroContact - Remote Control security


Safe system that prevents
direct contact with the display

All features
on your smartphone

Simple and safe interaction for the user via remote control via smartphone.

Keyboard, mouse and touchpad, everything on your smartphone so you can safely interact with the software and without the need for direct interaction with the display.

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