Zero contact
queue management

At PARTTEAM, we are doing our best to help everyone overcome this complicated phase caused by the pandemic COVID-19. All citizens and all companies that take preventive measures to keep their spaces or more “protected” are possible, adopting measures of social distancing, low touch and prevent people from using objects.

That is why we are creating products and services ZERO CONTACT, and we have already started to develop and adapt applied and safe solutions for the attendance and management of queues.

Contacto Zero - Gestão de filas sem contacto capa

What is Contacto Zero

The “Contacto Zero” or “Zero Contact” system, as the name implies, was developed for customers to take their tickets without the need for physical contact, whether by SCAN, QRCODE, SMS or Voice. We are very focused on developing and adapting products so that together we can overcome this period. So PARTTEAM’s software development team, together with our systems and electronics engineers, they are developing mechanisms, modules and new ways of interacting with our equipment and systems, in order to adapt everyone to the new needs and help our partners and customers in the best way and their customers.

QR Code: Single Service

With this solution, only a mobile phone is needed where, using a QRCODE, it is possible to remove a password and wait for the time to be safe.

Zero Contact - Single service QRCode

QR Code: Multiple services

Through this solution it is possible to take a ticket via QRCODE, each service will have an assigned QRCODE allowing the customer to take a ticket for the desired service without personal contact.

Zero Contact - Multiple services QRCode

QR Code: Vehicles

You do not need to leave your vehicle while waiting for your turn!

With this solution, you only need a mobile phone to read a QRCODE that will give you access to a web site where you can get take your ticket.

Then, just wait for your turn safely in your vehicle!

QR Code: Festivals

The “Zero Contact” queue management system for festivals and events allows, through the use of kiosks with a Barcode or QR-Code reader and LED displays, to control the entry and exit of people on site so that it does not exceed the maximum allowed limit.

Zero Contact - Festivals

Tickets by SMS
or WhatsApp

Just send a simple SMS to the number that is indicated to get a ticket virtually. Then, you will receive another sms with your ticket number and just safely wait for your turn.

This system can also be integrated with WhatsApp.

Sensor system

You don’t need to touch the ticket dispenser kiosk! We guarantee your security with the queue management solution through a motion sensor, bringing your finger closer to the desired service, the ticket will be automatically dispensed.

Zero Contact - Sensor system


To take a ticket, simply indicate the service you want using your voice. For example, “Service A”, the kiosk will recognize the voice command and automatically issue a ticket for the service requested in the dispenser.

Gesture system

Customers can take the ticket at the kiosk through a gesture recognition system (swipe the arm) to choose and confirm the desired service.

Zero Contact - Gesture system

Automatic ticket

This solution allows the kiosk to print a ticket once the last printed password is removed from the dispenser. This way, customers avoid touching the display, having access to the ticket directly.

Zero Contact - Automatic ticket

PORTIER system

The customer is personally received by an employee or store manager (PORTIER) and added to the queue using a tablet.

The customer can be added by name, mobile phone number, vehicle registration number and when called, this same information will appear on the display.

Alternatively, Portier can immediately inform the customer of his password number so that he can register it and know when it is called on the display.

Zero Contact - Portier system

Web Queue System

Customers can get their ticket online through a website, chatbot or even whatsapp. After taking the online ticket, they can receive an SMS or email with the number and waiting time. Then they will receive an SMS or email when it is their turn.

Zero Contact beach

The “Zero Contact” queue management system for beaches allows the management and control of people, at the entrance and exit of the same, through one or more contactless systems, thus avoiding the need for physical contact. There are several ways to take the ticket with “Zero Contact”, such as: SCAN, QRCODE, SMS, Voice or Sensor.

Zero Contact - Beaches

The solution for you is Zero Contact.

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